7-9 of June we held our summer camp in Tromsø, it took place in the dojo as it normally does.

This year we had Shihan Svein Dallavara 6. Dan as instructor, he is a Norwegian Shihan with more than 40 year in Kyokushin.

More than 60 students from 4 different dojos took part in the camp, all together it was 6 training sessions, kyu and Dan test at the end of the camp.

We had from our dojo 4 students for shodan, they are now waiting for the result

It was a lot of focus on kumite, movements and stabil possision in Shihans teachin, he had also many good exercises for kicking technics.

Shihan pointet out the importance of sharpness in the basic technics as a good fundament for kata and kumite. Ha showed us some good exercises.

We will thank Shihan Svein Dallavara very much for sharing his knowlege with us and for a very good camp.

Best regards

Norwegian So Kyokushin

Bjørn Willumsen


Photo Sven Jonsson