25.05. – 26.05. 2024. A seminar and a KYU test took place up to 6 Kyu, during the seminar, the emphasis was on working out and polishing the Qatar technique: Taikeku sono-iti, sono-ni, Taikeku sono-iti, sono-ni Sokurov, each kata was performed 1200 times, followed by OFP and SFP, despite the monotony and Due to the debilitating condition, severe SFP and OFP, the students overcame difficulties and passed the exams for the appropriate student degrees. There were few students due to the fact that many children and adults got sick with measles and rubella, I got sick a lot, so there are few students. Congratulations, OSS! 😊🥋👊👊👊 Sincerely, Sensei Alexander Golovnin