World So-Kyokushin Kaikan, OFSOO Russian National Karate Federation So-Kyokushin Kaikan.  May 19, 2024, “NOVICH CUP”, Kazan.  More than 170 athletes from white to blue belt.

 Remember that performing at a tournament is not only a sporting success, but also an experience for personal growth and development.

 And it doesn’t matter who won this competition today, the main thing is that everyone felt the atmosphere of the holiday, the atmosphere of cordiality and goodwill, mutual respect and understanding.  And most importantly, we received a boost of energy and a lot of positive emotions!  Dear guys, you competed well today, and your fans cheered for you very well, and this undoubtedly gave you strength.  Congratulations to the teams!  We wish them to be strong, dexterous, fast and always friendly, strengthen your health.

Many thanks to the organization “Russian National Karate Federation So-Kyokushin Kaikan”, “National Karate Union” and all the trainers of the organization!  And also to the President of the RNFKKK, IKO Branch-Chief of Russia Shihan Ilsur Fazdalov and Vice-President Shihan Azat  Fazdalov.