World So-Kyokushin Kaikan.  Russian National Karate Federation So-Kyokushin Kaikan.

 On April 14, 2024, a training seminar was held in Moscow under the leadership of IKO Branch Chief, President of the Russian National Karate Federation Kyokushin Kaikan, Shihan Ilsur Fazdalov 6th Dan.

 A karate seminar is additional classes that are necessary to maximize the Kihon, Kata curriculum and improve Kumite fighting skills.  More than 60 athletes took part in the seminar.  Each participant received a certificate of completion of the seminar.  At the end of the Seminar, qualifying exams were held – the Kyu Test, where more than 50 athletes took part.

 Many thanks to the Moscow Federation So-Kyokushin Kaikan Sensei Vitaly Buslaev, Sensei Roman Gaidukov, Senpai Tatyana Kruglova, Senpai Irina Buslaeva and all participants for the development and promotion of IKO World So-Kyokushin in Russia!  Osu!