World So-Kyokushin Kaikan.  Russian National Karate Federation So-Kyokushin Kaikan.  Shihan Fazdalov Dojo.

 April 7, 2024  The All-Russian Educational and Training Seminar and Kyu test took place in Kazan.

 An important goal of these camps is to help athletes prepare for the Russian Championship in the disciplines of Kata, Kumite and belt exams.

 The knowledge and experience that the athletes received from the famous Shihan Ilsur Fazdalov IKO Branch Chief of Russia, President of the All-Russian organization Russian National Karate Federation So-Kekushin Kaikan, gave the guys an incentive to develop in martial arts and prepare themselves for new achievements.

 More than 350 athletes, beginners, senior students and black belt holders, took part in the training camp.  Also, more than 200 guys raised their belt from 10 to 6 kyu.  All participants were given certificates of participation.  Osu!