So-Kyokushin Spain and Academia de Karate – Semper Fidelis, achieve four medals in the Spanish National Championship.

So-Kyokushin Spain participated last weekend 23rd March, in the National Kyokushin Karate Championship, held in the Municipality of Santa Susana and organized by Dojo La Selva of IKOKU.

The team led by Sensei Gregory, made a great performance, in a competition in which 34 Clubs from all over Spain participated, in the different categories and disciplines divided in the modalities of kumite and katas, with a total of 450 high level competitors.

The result of So-Kyokushin Spain’s efforts was reflected in a total of four medals, three of them gold and one bronze.

The Championship started early in the morning in Katas, starting with the youngest competitors and ending with the Senior category.

After a short break for lunch, the competition was resumed in the afternoon in Kumite, where the emotions of the participants and the public intensified again, filling the Sports Centre with good vibrations, hopes, smiles and tears.  A compendium of emotions that made us feel the GREAT SPIRIT of Kyokushin.

Everyone present caught and breathed this enriching atmosphere, and it was a special day for everyone, whether they made it to the podium or not.

We can say that the performance of So-Kyokushin Spain was a success in this Spanish National Championship.

The achievements obtained by the Competitors led by Sensei Gregory, were the result of the great dedication and effort of the competitors, as well as months of hard work and perseverance, with an illusion and hopes of the technical team and the Competitors of So-Kyokushin Spain.

These are our official results:


1 Place / gold – Ismael G.

1 Place / gold – Adrián L.


1 Place / gold – Isabel H.

3 Place / bronze – Adrián L.

“We are very satisfied with the progress of all the competitors of So-Kyokushin Spain, of which more than one came very close to the podium, in the quarter finals, despite the fact that most of the categories were very numerous and the road to excellence was long and difficult”, says Sensei Gregory.

We congratulate all the competitors of So-Kokushinkai Spain for their achievements and dedication, their effort and perseverance, both in KUMITE and KATAS!

We send a strong OSU from Spain to Japan, and to all So-Kyokushin member countries around the world!

Sensei Grzegorz Stachurski

Branch Chief / Country Representative of So-Kyokushin Spain