On 30.03.2024, the Championship of the city of Krasnoyarsk among children and young men took place, conducted by the Regional organization Nakamura, where my students took part and I was as a referee on the tatami, since the practice of judging is also very important! My students performed very well! 5 five – 1 places , 10 ten – 2 places 7 seven – 3 places, 3 three – 4 fourth places.
Competitions were held in two disciplines: kata and kumite, this also showed mistakes in the performance of kata, since 4 Kyokushin karate organizations took part in these competitions: Nakamura, So-Kyokushin, Kyokushin Budokai WKB, K, Kuokishin kan, more than 200 martial arts, for my students, this is a good experience, gain knowledge and to show your knowledge and skills against the background of other Kyokushin karate organizations.
I will plan an International Tournament for the next academic year, and now I am negotiating with Kazakhstan’s Denis Khizhnyak, as well as with the Kyokushin karate masters of Belarus, I think we will come to an agreement and hold it at the highest level! My best wishes to you, Hanshi Oishi Daigo and the entire So-Kyokushin Japan organization!