Russian National Karate Federation So-Kyokushin Kaikan, Shihan Ilsur Fazdalov.  On January 27-28, 2024, the All-Russian Winter School was held in Kazan.  All-Russian winter school under the leadership of the President of the “Russian National Karate Federation So-Kekushin Kaikan” Branch Chief of Russia, Shihan Ilsur Fazdalov 6 Dan.

 Seminars are for learning.  Shihan, for conducting seminar classes, always carefully studies the technical level of the students and is ready to offer something new and interesting, both for beginners and for more experienced karateka.  This provides a unique opportunity for karateka of any level to gain a diverse supply of knowledge and thereby penetrate deeper into the essence of karate and look at familiar things from a different perspective.

 Intensive seminar classes significantly advance the student forward and give the practitioner a fresh breath of air for further active advancement in the study of karate.

 Over time, this will become a habit or even a need – and then it will be possible to say about this person that he has really taken the path of Kyokushin.

 The unique charge of positive emotions during the seminar and the friendly atmosphere during the classes remain with all participants for a long time.

 All Winter School participants received a certificate and branded souvenirs as a gift.  125 athletes took part.  Osu!