On January 5-7, 2024, we had the pleasure of taking part in the Kagami Biraki 2024 of the Western Polish Fullcontact Karate Organization District, organized by Kyokushin Karate Kołobrzeg Buntai Dojo. The motto of Kagami Biraki 2024 was one of Sosai Oyama’s favorite sayings: 一汗一米: “Hito-ase, hito-kome”.

During the training camp, 5 training units were held, including two aimed at practical improvement of refereeing skills. Shihan Radosław Ambroziak and Sensei Paweł Falko were responsible for this part of Kagami Biraki.

The remaining three keiko were led by Sensei Marek Wilusz, Sensei Bartek Engel and Sensei Jarosław Remus. The main element of the first keiko was ikken and its practical use in combat. The second keiko allowed us to take a broader look at karate and move away from established patterns during training. Sensei Bartek focused on the elements of kata and the use of previously learned ikken. The last keiko was focused on kumite. We refined the fighting tactics and ended with what the tigers like the most – kumite.

The seminar time is not only about training and hard work, but also about spending time together and integrating. True to the saying “a team is built in the locker room”, we also spent this weekend building and strengthening relationships at evening meetings, at the swimming pool, during meals and at every possible moment! We would like to thank all participants of the training camp for the great atmosphere and we are already looking forward to another such event. OSU!