„Kyokushin Challenge 2023” Szczecin, Poland

On October 14, 2023, the 13th edition of the Kyokushin Challenge 2023 tournament was held in Szczecin, Poland with nearly 300 fighters from 20 clubs from all over the country and Dubai competing! The Tournament has been organised by HUSARIA Dojo and Shihan Radek AMBROZIAK. The Main Referee of the tournament was Shihan Zbigniew Goliński, while the role of Technical Referee was Sensei Grzegorz Sosnowski.
During the tournament, Hussar statuettes and the title of “Friend of Szczecin Hussars” were awarded, which this year went to Mr. Artur Ambrożewicz, President of Vulcan Training & Consultancy, Mr. Daniel Bagiński, President of Ortofach Sięgnij Po Pomoc, Mr. Maciej Dąbkowski from Myjnia Modra i Masaż Kobido, and Sensei Paweł Falko Kyokushin Karate Kołobrzeg Buntai.
The sports competition was at a very high level. The Vulcan Training & Consultancy decided to sponsor 8 prizes for the best male and female athlete competing in the Light Contact, Semi Contact, All Kick and Full Contact formulas! The total value of the prizes is as much as PLN 10,000.
The best competitors in each formula were:

Light Contact
-Best player- Anna Stasińska
-Best player – Bartłomiej Wielosz

-Best player- Laura Lebioda
-Best player- Gracjan Opaczyński

All Kick
The best player – Matylda Kosmalska
The best player – Aleks Żarna

Full Contact
The best player – Aleksandra Leśniewska
The best player – Aleksander Białek

Husaria Szczecin, as the organizer, gave up the first place which Hussars won in the team classification, as a result of which the following clubs stood on the podium:

1️⃣place: Zielona Góra Kyokushin Karate Sports Club
2️⃣place: Kyokushin Karate Kołobrzeg Buntai
3rd place: Fight Club Lubawka

We would like to thank all Hussars for their commitment and hard work, thanks to which such a large tournament was played smoothly, and for ensuring a family atmosphere. Radio ESKA was the media patron of the tournament. We invite you to see the photo report from the tournament <HERE> courtesy of Mrs. Klaudia from Czystefoto. Osu!