Polish Autumn IKO World So-Kyokushin Seminar and the Polish National Team Training Camp Report

On September 22-24, 2023, IKO World So-Kyokushin Poland organized the Autumn Karate-do Seminar at Dojo Stara Wieś. This beautiful place not only pleased our souls and motivated us to train hard. Three days, six keiko and people who have one thing in common: only budo karate. We spent our time training intensively under the watchful eye of Shihan Józef Pietras and Shihan Radosław Ambroziak. We had the opportunity to improve and better understand the kata and its practical application. Thank you for the opportunity to draw knowledge from such a rich source. Seminar was also a great opportunity to strengthen our relationships and build new friendships. We would like to thank all participants for every smile, great atmosphere and good hearts.

At the same time the Polish IKO World So-Kyokushin National Team held a training camp also at Dojo Stara Wieś, preparing our fighters to participate in the World Championships, which will take place in Japan in November. Shihan Piotr Zembrzuski, main coach of the Polish IKO WOrld So-Kyokushin National Team, conducted intensive training. Our warriors shed liters of sweat and burned thousands of calories, but this meeting certainly enriched their karate. Shihan Paweł Juszczyk also helped in the preparations, by joining the kumite training together with the fighters from the BUSHI Combat Sports Dojo on the last day. At the end of the training camp, Shihan Piotr Zembrzuski and SHihan Radek Ambroziak presented to fighters the official nominations to our National Team. We keep our fingers crossed for you and wish you good luck in the cherry blossom country. OSU!!!