On June 9-11, 2023, International Summer Seminar IKO World So-Kyokushin was held in the city of Szczecin, Poland. Shihan Radek AMBROZIAK, who is the Polish Country Representative and The Branch Chief of Poland, and his HUSARIA Dojo have invited  the Uchi Deshi of Hanshi Daigo Ohishi: Sensei Naoto Kusakabe and sensei Naoya Kusakabe to came and share their knowledge of kyokushin karate, which they gained during years of training under the guidance of the Hanshi. The seminar was attended by almost 160 karatekas (including over 100 black belts and 8 shihans) from all over the country and invited guests from Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, England, Wales and Spain. During the entire seminar, our guests conducted many keikos, during which they presented the rules of warm-up, showed how kihon geiko should look like in a truly Japanese style, and then focused on the kata keiko. The seminar participants had the opportunity to admire the artistry of the Kusakabe Brothers in performing kata, from basic forms up to Kanku and Sushiho. On the second day of the seminar, a question and answer session took place. During the discussion panel, the Kusakabe Brothers answered many questions about their karate path, being the uchi-deshi of Hanshi Daigo Ōhishi, and Japanese history and tradition. Sensei Naoto and Naoya Kusakabe together with the Examination Board which included all Shihans and Branch Chiefs also conducted the Dan Test on the third day of the seminar, which was held according to the rules of conducting Dan Tests at Dojo Hanshi Daigo Ōishi. In addition to kihon, kata, kumite and the Tameshiwari test, the participants also had to pass a part that tested their endurance and stamina – by performing 5 series consisting of 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and 50 sit-ups. Congratulations to all those who successfully passed this difficult test! All keiko were conducted in a very friendly, family atmosphere, which was passed on to all participants, organizers and institutions supporting the event. We would like to thank the Organizer –  HUSARIA Dojo, Centrum Szkoleniowe Vulcan Training & Consultancy, Hotel Vulcan and the “Okiem Sportowca” team for supporting this unique event. We already would like to invite you to the next summer seminar in Szczecin, Poland which will take place next year on June 7-9, 2024 in Szczecin, Poland. OSU!

Shihan Radek Ambroziak
The Country Representative and The Branch Chief of Poland