May 27 – 28, an Inter-regional seminar was held dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the Kyokushinkai karate style Oyama Masutatsu. At this seminar, they were invited from other regions of Russia, they came only from Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, also to the seminar I invited famous masters of Kyokushinkai karate, a famous master from Soviet times karate Yuri Bekishev 5th dan and a famous master Alexander Anferov 6th dan (of course they are from other organizations Kyokushin karate) But Kyokushin karate is one, no matter what, this is to get acquainted with Yuri Bekishev, to raise the Spirit and image of his organization, and also Anferov Alexander showed the Kuysho-jutsu technique and the use of Kyokushinkai karate in kumite
There was also a Kyu test up to 6 Kyu
Everything went under my organization, under the auspices of So-Kyokushin Here are the photos, photo-report! Regards Sensei Alexandr Golovnin 3 dan.

more video down below: