Kazan, Branch Chief Shihan Ilsur Fazdalov.
April 1-2 in Moscow, the Championship and Superiority of Moscow So-Kyokushin took place.
The championship is organized by the representative office of the Russian National Karate Federation Kyokushin Kaikan in Moscow Sensei Roman Gaidukov and Sensei Vitaly Buslaev.
The event was attended by about 250 people aged 5-50 years.
Little fighters under 12 took part in the marathon and showed combat training in 10 fights.
Participants over 12 competed in the kata and kumite sections. The competitions were supervised by Shihan an Ilsur Fazdalov and Shihan han Azat Fazdalov. We congratulate all the participants of the tournament, as well as their parents, and wish them new achievements!
We look forward to seeing you at the tournament next year!
Many thanks for organizing the tournament to the chief judge Sensei Gaidukov Roman and Sensei Vitaly Buslaev.