Weekend 24-26 of February we held our winter seminar in Tromsø, this year Shihan Hugo Perez from Canada was the main instructor. This was Shihans second trip to Tromsø, he was also our main instructor at the 2019 summer camp
It took place in our dojo, we were happy that the renovation of the dojo was finnished just in time to the seminar.
Shihan took time to teach one class for the children on Thurseday before the seminar, he also teach Monday after in the kumiteclass.
Seminar startet with a low and a high grade class on Friday, the students was exited many of them have not been trainig with instructors from other countries. Saturday it was 3 mixed classes and Sunday one mixed and one for the high grade. And it all ended with a Kyu test for the low grade, 16 students took part in the test and it went well for everybody.
As always with Shihan Hugo the standard of teachin was high, we were drilled in exercises with speed in idogeiko, differnt ways of moving. We did also kata bouth for low and high grade, Shihan Hugo is up to date on So Kyokushin kata so that was useful for us. We did several kumite exercises with block and conterattack. We did also several rounds of sparring.
Ha also had focus on dojo etikette and Kyokushin spirit, he reminded us about the importance of a good kiai.
I am very happy about the seminar, it was more than 50 students registrated and almost all blackbelts from our dojo stood on the line. We had also visitors from Finnsnes and Harstad, we are always happy when students from other dojos visit us. I will thank them and hope see them again at our summer camp in June.
I will thank Shihan Hugo Perez for his effort to give us a good seminar. It was good afterwards to see the students happy and tired faces.

Best regards
Norwegian So Kyokushin
Bjørn Willumsen