So-Kyokushin official Dan test

5 Mar.2023 at Shizuoka Hokubu Taiikukan

Hanshi says, “For the correct succession and transmission of Kyokushin Karate created by Sosai Oyama.”
This is the 17th time this year that the “Official Dan-tast” has been held every year based on the proposal.
This year too, dojo students in their teens to 60s from five prefectures challenged the promotion examination.
Especially this year, Sensei Radek, who leads a large branch in Poland, came to Japan to take the examination.
In addition, Shihan Pedro Pino from Chile, who is a authority in South America, also visited Japan for the visit of Dan-test.
Kihon, Kata, physical training (fist up, sit-up, squat each 50 x 5 sets), continuous kumite,
Everyone completed the six-hour examination. With black belts of many kumite opponents, dojo students
The audience fills the venue, and the judging committee is a global standard that is truly worthy of the name “Official”.
Hanshi said, “From now on, you will be in a position to be called Shihan, Sensei, and Senpai.
Also, tomorrow is a new step, so please study hard at each dojo.”
With these words, Hanshi concluded this year’s official Dan-test.

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Sensei Radoslaw(Poland)

Shihan Pedro Pino(Chile)


Hnshi’s guidance

Kuro-obi, audience

50 man Kumite Sensei Ezawa

Sensei Sato

Sensei Radek