On January 6-8, 2023, Black Belts Seminar of the Western District of Polish Full Contact Karate Organization took place in Kolobrzeg. The organizer of this event was the Kyokushin Karate Kolobrzeg BUNTAI Dojo led by Paweł Falko Sensei. We were supported by the Municipality of Kolobrzeg, the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center and WebNext. The seminar was held under the honorary patronage of the President of the Kolobrzeg City, Mrs. Mayor Anna Mieczkowska. 40 black and brown belts attended in the seminar. Five training units were divided into different topics in accordance with the idea of Shin Gi Tai – mind, technique, body.

Friday’s keiko was hosted by Paweł Falko 4 Dan sensei and Radosław Ambroziak 4 Dan sensei. Sensei Paweł Falko welcomed the guests and presented a detailed plan of the seminar. After the introductory part, he presented kihon techniques focusing on Uke (blocks) and their interpretation, and dachi (positions) and mainly Kiba Dachi (rider’s position) and its practical application in real combat. Sensei Radosław Ambroziak presented the rules of knockdown karate in three aspects and three methods of fighting.

Saturday was divided into 3 training units. The morning practice was conducted by a guest specially invited to this seminar, Dominik “Domino” Malkowski Sensei Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Sensei Dominik Małkowski is a very experienced instructor and competitor with great knowledge, and he shared this knowledge with us with pure pleasure and openness. The main aspect of this training was the control of the opponent on the ground.

The middle training was led by Marek Wilusz 4 Dan Sensei and Wiesław Więckowski 4 Dan Sensei. Our colleagues focused on introducing Ikken to us. Sensei Marek Wilusz discussed and presented the base and introduction to ikken as well as introductory exercises. Sensei Wiesław Więckowski led the second part where we focused on the practical use of Ikken explosive energy.

The evening training was dedicated to Yoga. Iwona Kulis Sempai, after presenting the idea and what Yoga is, conducted a 15-minute meditation and started training. During the training we practiced several positions stretching mainly the spine. The poses presented by Sempai Iwona activated muscles previously unknown to us in most of us.

The Sunday morning training was conducted for us by the group “Young Lions” appointed by sensei Paweł Falko. Martyna Gralak Sempai, Julia Iwan Sempai, Szymon Dusza Sempai and Aleksander Ambroziak Sempai learned on Friday that they will have the pleasure of conducting the last training unit. The main topic of this training was kumite.

To sum up this event… It was a great seminar, in the Spirit of Osu, surrounded by Smiling People. A lot of knowledge and positive energy will stay with us for the whole year.