Last weekend the Polish IKO World So-Kyokushin National Team took part in the European Championships organized by the WKB federation in which 670 fighters from 17 countries and 10 different fullcontact organizations took part.

Polish So-Kyokushin fighters did very well, so I would like to send you a report and pictures from that event in order to post it on the official So-Kyokushin website.

Hope to see you soon.
Best regards,
Radek Ambroziak
ラデック アンブロズィアック

Success of the Polish So-Kyokushin National Team at the European Championships – Report

On November 12-13, 2022, a strong representation of IKO World So-Kyokushin Poland took part in the 5th European Kyokushin Karate Weight Championship organized by the WKB federation in Dębica. There were 670 competitors from 17 European countries and 10 contact karate organizations. Such a large number of competitors and organizational diversity meant that the fights were at a very high level and it was extremely difficult to win a medal from this event. Nevertheless, our players presented themselves great and won a huge bag of medals, including 8 gold, 9 silver and 8 bronze medals.
押 忍

Individual results:

Olaf Szempliński – Szczytno – 1place kumite
Jan Rogala – Szczytno – 1place kumite
Marcin Florczak – Moryń – 1place kumite
Oliwier Szawarejko – Ełk – 1place kumite
Zuzanna Stefanowicz – Ełk – 1place kumite
Konrad Kozubowski – Opole – 1place kata
Julia Pracka – Opole – 1place kata
Julia Pracka – Opole – 1place kumite
Aleksander Ambroziak – Szczecin – 2place kata
Ewa Gołaszewska – Szczytno – 2place kumite
Maja Sosnowska – Legnica – 2place of kumite
Vanessa Florczak – Moryń – 2place kata
Tymoteusz Pachucki – Ełk – 2place kumite
Alan Gutowski – Ełk – 2place kumite
Filip Muszyński – Opole – 2place kata
Aleksandra Jaworska – Lędziny – 2place kumite
Artur Jaworski – Lędziny – 2place kumite
Marcin Świątek – Szczecin -3place kumite
Wiktor Hadała – Szczecin -3place kumite
Aleksander Ambroziak – Szczecin -3place kumite
Adrianna Nowosielska – Legnica -3place kumite
Adam Gryziukowski – Ełk – 3place kumite
Anna Szylderowicz – Opole – 3place kumite
Filip Muszyński – Opole – 3place kumite
Paweł Klimczak – Kielce – 3place kumite