Good result for our group so-kyokushin Team TUNISIA
The curtain has just fallen on the Tunisian Junior Championships
Medium Eagles group participate with 15 players and no
In the presence of many competitors
The score was 8/15
– Montaser kosksi, first place and a kumite gold medal
– Salsabil Rhouma, first place, a gold medal, and eliminates 5 players by ko, and all of them leave her, do not miss 1 minute
– Ayoub Al-Qabesi ranked 2 and a silver medal, displacing 7 players
– Maram kosksi ranked second, and a silver medal, specializing in kata, at a good level
– Qabil Daou . Iyad Al-Saghir .Omar Bin Hassan and Youssef Al-Rudaifi Bronze Medal Third Place

Congratulations to the so-kyokushin group Tunisia team for these results and good luck to the rest
Sensei Ghrairi zied