On October 15, 2022, the 12th edition of the Kyokushin Challenge 2022 tournament was played at the Sports Center in Szczecin, in which over 300 fighters from 22 Dojos from all over the country took part. The tournament has been organised by Husaria Szczecin Dojo and Sensei Radek Ambroziak. The main judge of the tournament was Shihan Piotr Zembrzuski, while the role of the Technical Judge was played by sensei Grzegorz Sosnowski. The tournament was opened by the Director of the Sports Department of the Szczecin City Hall, Mr. Krzysztof Kupis, who received the Husarz statuette and the title of “Friend of Husaria Szczecin” from sensei Radek. The above title and statuette were also awarded to sensei Ewa Tracz, who also accepted Kamil sensei’s proposal during the opening ceremony of the tournament. CONGRATULATIONS!!! The sport side of the tournament was at a very high level, as was the efficiency of the tournament organization. The Hussars from Szczecin made such a large tournament played smoothly, without unnecessary delay, and the atmosphere in the hall was truly family-like. The Szczecin Husaria as the organizer renounced the 1st place in the general classification, as a result of which the team from Zielona Góra – Ochla was the winner of this year’s edition, right before the Bydgoszcz Kyokushin Karate Club and UKS Karate Kyokushin Moryń. CONGRATULATIONS!