It was help on june 11th 2022

We had 3 So-Kyokushin dojo from Canada.
Mercier, Honbu Dojo
Dawson’s Creek

And with the help of 2 Shinkyokushin dojos
West Island Karate, Shihan John Kalaidopoulos
Tansei, Shihan Luciano Paparella

We started at 9h am with writing test, then did the Katas (we did all Kata until Sushiho) after the Katas, we did the Kihon and Ido Geiko. Breaking test, stamina and then we finnished with kumite.

6th to 3rd Kyu did 5 fights
2nd to 1st Kyu did 10 fights
Shodan, 15 fights
Nidan, 20 fights
Sandan, stopped at 25 (due to medical)

Everyone worked with a lot of stamina, perseverance and shoshin. They were all ready to test for there new grade.
I am very proud of these results and looking forward to work with them.

Hugo A. Perez, Shihan
Branch Chief So-Kyokushin Canada