On September 24th 2022, I was Awarded with Hall of Fame Award from U.S.A. Martial arts Hall Of Fame.
I am First Pakistani and So-Kyokushin Shihan who got this Award.
It’s great Honor for all of us. I am sending you video clips and pics for award Ceremony.
Please tell my Great Hanshi I got this award with my Hanshi Daigo Ohishi blessing.
I am faithful and to Loyal to Hanshi and So-Kyokushin till my Last breath.
I will Keep Promoting Our So-Kyokushin in Pakistan and all over the world till my Last Breath because I belong to a JANJUA RAJPOOT Tribe who’s famous for their Loyalty, Honor, Dignity, and Unconditional Love.
I love my Hanshi and my So-Kyokushin.
Shihan Raja Khalid Mahmood Janjua
Pakistan Branch Chief
World So- Kyokushin