Report from IKO World So-Kyokushin Poland Seminar

On November 5-7, 2021, the IKO WORLD SO-KYOKUSHIN Poland National Seminar took place in Legnica, Poland. A wonderful, family atmosphere traditionally accompanied each training session and between them. The main topic of this seminar was kyokushin karate kata and bunkai, to which we devoted a lot of attention, and which was conducted by shihan Józef Pietras, sensei Radek Ambroziak and sensei Paweł Falko. Shihan Krzysztof Borowiec conducted keiko, during which we devoted special attention to mae geri technic. The IKO World Polish SO-KYOKUSHIN NATIONAL TEAM, under the watchful eye of shihan Piotr Zebrzuski, was polishing their skills before the upcoming European Tournaments. The seminar ended with a judging course and a sayonara party during which all participants had great fun. It was wounderfull as usual. Next Polish Seminar will be held on spring 2022 in Sandomierz, Poland. Osu !!!

Radek Ambroziak
The Branch Chief & Country Representative of Poland