Report from Kyokushin Karate Tournament “Kyokushin Challenge 2021”

On 16th of October 2021, Husaria Sports Club in Szczecin, Poland, run by sensei Radek Ambroziak, had the honor of organizing the “Kyokushin Challenge” Karate Tournament for the eleventh time. Nearly 260 competitors from 20 dojos all over Poland took part in the competition. The competitors competed in both kata and kumite competitions. The entire tournament was held in a friendly, even family atmosphere. The Szczecin Sports Club HUSARIA as the organizer renounced the victory in the team classification and thus:
1st place was taken by the Koszalin Kyokushin Karate Club
2nd place Zielona Góra Karate Sports Club
3rd place Karate Club in Choszczno.
The board of the Szczecin Sports Club HUSARIA would like to thank all the guests, organizers, judges and competitors for the smooth and safe course of the competition, as well as a constant smile and kindness. Congratulations to all participants and we wish you continued success. We invite you to Szczecin for the “Kyokushin Challenge 2022” next year. OSU !!!

IKO World So-Kyokushin Poland
The Country Representative of Poland
Radek Ambroziak sensei