A summer camp concluded at Khanpur, Taxila amid fun and learning. The campus is a hub of rejuvenation, recreation and reinforcement where different activities were clubbed to make students improve their concentration, learning, imagination and develop their social personality karate, and fitness were comprised to make it as a wholesome exposure for learners. More than dojo student’s participated in the array of activities. Students were zealous to participate

Anwar school of martialarts, organised a summer camp for Students of karate ka under Supervision Shihan Bilal Anwar (Tipu) So-kyokushin Branch chief Pakistan concluded on Friday. The A.S.M. Dojo arranged several fruitful and enjoyable activities, Running, Fighting technique, Kata, The students chose their activities according to their tastes and interest. They had a great time learning various performing arts. The A.S.M. Dojo aims to extend utmost latitude to the grooming sessions and workshops for the students. The summer camp energised the students further for the coming vacation. The joy of the camp was doubled on the concluding day. A valedictory ceremony was organised for all participants by the camp associate Sensai Akram khan, Sensai Attulah Khan, Sensai M. Shoaib. The participants performed in the fights, Kata show exhibiting their talents. The A.S.M Dojo received an encouraging response and appreciation from all parents who were excited and amused to see their children brimming with talent.