So-Kyokushin Seminar in Poland – Report
On June 11-13, 2021 the HUSARIA Sports Club of Szczecin, headed by sensei Radosław Ambroziak, the Branch Chief and Country Representative of Poland, hosted and organized the So-Kyokushin Karate-do Seminar. Over 130 karateka from 30 dojos around the country came to Szczecin, including such notables as shihan Krzysztof Borowiec, shihan Józef Pietras, shihan Piotr Zembrzuski and shihan Mariusz Godoś. Keiko were focused on perfecting tactics and techniques of fighting. One of the training elements was classes with aikido masters who taught the participants of the seminar how to effectively use levers, grips and defend themselves against knife attacks. The knowledge gained in this field will allow us to explore kata kyokushin bunkai . The whole seminar was held in a friendly and even family atmosphere, which culminated in the “Sayonara Party” that lasted until sun rise. The culmination of the seminar was a five-hour DAN test, including a test of skills and knowledge in the field of kihon, ido geiko, kata, tamashiware and kumite. We would like to thank to all participants of the seminar for creating a great atmosphere and great commitment to each keiko. See you soon. OSU !!!
Radek Ambroziak
IKO World So-Kyokushin
The Branch Chief of Poland