Report from The Polish Open “The Kyokushin Challenge 2021”
On 12/12/2020, Husaria Dojo organized the 10th edition of the Polish Open Kyokushin Karate “Kyokushin Challenge 2020” tournament. This year, due to the epidemic situation in the country and the region, the Club Board decided to organize the tournament online and only in technical categories. This innovative solution entailed a huge logistical challenge, both for Husaria as the organizer, but also for all participants. Everyone did a great job, making this tournament another unique event. Over 202 players signed up for the tournament. The very good organizational level, great atmosphere and high skils level of the players made the tournament a very interesting sporting event. The Szczecin Husaria, as the tournament organizer, decided to resign from the team’s first place. As a result of the above-mentioned decision of the organizer and the sports competition, the team classification was won by the team of Koszalin (1st place), ahead of team of Kołobrzeg (2nd place) and team of Zielona Góra Ochla (3rd place). We congratulate all competitors on their great fighting spirit and great courage. See you at the 11th edition of the Polish Open “Kyokushin Challenge 2021” which will be held on October 16, 2021 in Szczecin, Poland. We believe that next year we will play the tournament safely in the traditional formula.
IKO World So-Kyokushin Poland
CR & BrCh
Radoslaw Ambroziak