In the spring of 2020, we held a traditional training camp with Kyu and Dan Test. Due to limitations, we had to carry out attestations in several streams. This practice has shown itself positively. In the summer of 2020, Shihan Gharibyan and Shihan Geranin went to the Republic of Abkhazia to Sensei Petrosyan, where the training camp and Kyu test were also held.
We signed a cooperation agreement with the All-Russian Alliance “Open Kyokushin”. The Alliance includes 9 All-Russian Federations developing Kyokushin Karate. We considered such cooperation to be promising for the development of the sports component of our Organization.
On October 18 our Organization took part in the «30 fights Marathon”, which was held by the All-Russian Alliance “Open Kyokushin”. Our Organization represented 64 participants. All participants passed this test successfully.
On November 14, the All-Russian Alliance “Open Kyokushin” held the first united tournament “Moscow Cup”.
There were 24 participants from our Organization in different categories.
A total of 320 fighters in 40 categories (children / youths / juniors / adults / veterans) from five different Organizations.
The competition was very high! The So-Kyokushin direction proved to be good.

Our scores:
・boys 7 year old less 28 kg 3 place
・boys 7 year old 33 kg+ 1 place
・boys 10-11 years less 35 kg 2 place and 3 place
・girls 10-11 years less 35 kg 3 place
・juniors 14-15 years less 55 kg 2 place and 3 place
・juniors 14-15 years less 65 kg 3 place
・juniors 14-15 years 65+kg 2 place and 3 place
・juniors (girls) 14-15 years less 55 kg 3 place
・Adults (men) 18+ year old 75+ kg 3 place
・veteran division 35+ year old less 75 kg 1 place, 2 place, 3 place (podium is ours!)
・veteran division 35+ year old less 90 kg 1 place and 2 place

We plan to hold the winter training camp and Kyu test in 2 stages.

The first stage is from 20 to 22 November, the second stage is from 27 to 29 November. We will send additional reports. We inform Honbu that the procedure for state goverment registration of the All-Russian So-Kyokushin Karate Organization is being completed. We hope to receive registration documents before the new year, and we will inform you about this additionally.

30 fights Marathon