On November 24 in Simeiz the Cup of the Crimea on So-Kyokushin karate took place , 120 athletes from Yalta,Simeiz, Alupka,foros, eagle,Evpatoria,Simferopol took part in competitions. The chief judge of the competition Dmitry Solodovnikov 4 Dan noted that the level of children’s karate in the Crimea and a lot of young participants demonstrate high-level technique! The Yalta team won more than 11 gold medals in different age and weight categories, the first place was taken by Fesenko Rodion, Yermoshina Evgenia, Sadykov Timur, Kondratyeva Olga, Kosarim Anastasia, Nebrat Mikhail, Krvchuk Timur, Osadchy Ivan, Easy Ivan, Bodnar Vlad, Zaurob Roid. At the opening of the tournament solemnly handed the black belt 1 Dan Oleg Skorom who came from Japan with the documents on it. Karate teaches children to be strong and kind, to overcome different hardships and never give up quickly ! According to the results of the competition the first team place was taken by Yalta ! We congratulate Yalta athletes with successful performances and wish them new victories ! Osu!