2nd, 3rd June Miho Shizuoka-city
We held advanced seminar in Shizuoka city(by Hanshi Oishi).  116 people attended the seminar(with Shihan Raja from pakistan,  Shihan David from Russia).  

◆1st day, Kihon,Kata,Yakusoku Kumite, Referee trainning session

~Album ~

Kihon, Kata

Referee training

▲End of 1st day

▲Certificate award



▲Refree training session

▲Explanation by Hanshi

◆2nd day, We did a review yesterday in the morning(Kihon and Kata).  In the afternoon, We did Kumite(50R) everyone.

~Album ~



▲Warming up, Kihon

▲Tobi geri(jump kick)by young fighters

▲KANKU by Nozawa(←) and Kusakabe(→) They are the champions of this year’s All Japan Kata tournament



▲The seminar was successfully completed without incident