Italian Report Sokyokushin


“ On June 17th-18th 2017, IKKO So Kyokushin Italian Association organized a Technical Seminar and DAN/Kyu Tests in Sanicola (Le) Sport Palace facility teaching was conducted by President & Chief Instructor ITALY Shihan Casto Samuele coadiuvated by Shihan Bovino,
The seminar saw about 70 athletes from all over Italy, some were also involved in the Dan and Kyu Tests.
The seminar included some basic training sessions of Kyokushin Karate techniques and some training sessions dedicated to the techniques for kumite (Sparring) specific for the full contact Karate that is the main characteristic of this particular karate style. One special training class was performed on the beach side of beautiful Gallipoli, to highlight and enjoy the natural beauty of Salento summer in the early hours of sunrise.
The seminar ended with Dan Test on Sunday with the satisfaction of having once again spread out the basic principles of kyokushinkai with the experience of athletes from various Italian regions.
IKKO is part of the SO-KYOKUSHIN Worldwide Organization and from this year also officially recognized by CSEN Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale as Kyokushin Karate at National Italian level. We would like to thank all Shihan… Sensei and Sempai present who contribute to the fantastic result of the two days training session. A special thank to Shihan Casto and His peculiar and exceptional teaching skills….Hoping to see all again next year. Osu “


Shihan Casto Samuele