Report Norwegian So Kyokushin summercamp Tromsø 8 – 11 of June.

Shihan Shibata 6. Dan was also this summer’s main instructor on the 37. summercamp in Tromsø, this was his 8. time in Tromsø and he is still going strong. This year he brought with him 3 of his very talented junior students that were really a boost for our young students.
The camp took place in Tromsø Kyokushin dojo and over 70 students took part. Most of the students were from our own dojo, but we had visitors from Russia and one more Norwegian So Kyokushin dojo.
Shihan gave instructions in kihon, ido geiko, kata and kumite, also this year he focused on the kumite part, attack and counter attack was the main focus this year. As his teaching always is with high quality 1 class Thursday and 3 Friday and 3 Saturday and 1 Sunday morning
There was also a black belt class on Saturday evening where Shihan gave instructions in advanced kata.
Saturday afternoon we had a kyu test which went well for the students who took part.
Sunday evening we had sayonara party with good food.
We were happy with the camp and we wish Shihan welcome back.

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