Over a 2-day Instructor Course, led by SHIHAN-DAI Budtz and SHIHAN Koldin, there were a thorough review of the primary purpose of teaching KYOKUSHIN KARATE though the unique approach that DKO takes, as well as relevant first aid course by Cand. med. Sandra Pedersen and Physiotherapist Christina Nielsen. For the self-defense part of the course, there was an inspiring visit from SENPAI Morten from Frederiksberg JJ.

I extension of the practical handling of teaching, there were several demanding teaching exercises.
Especially the young Blackbelts showed potential as future instructors.

We congratulate the new C-instructors with their official license.

SENPAI Nicklas Sternberg – NKS
SENPAI Birte L. Raabjerg – TKS
SENPAI Alexander Nicolajsen – DDK
SENPAI Agnete Therkelsen – DDK
SENPAI Jeanette Blidvang – DDK
SENPAI Camilla B. Jensen – DDK
SENPAI Clara Hansen – DDK
SENPAI Kathrine Bohmann – NKS