Coppa Primavera2016

Italian Report

“ The So Kyokushin Italy Branch IKKO successfully organized a Kumite Tournament named  “SPRING CUP 2016 “ on Sunday April 10th at he Hombu Dojo under the supervision of Shihan Samuele Casto So Kyokushin Italy Branch Chief. The event was attended by about 40 athletes aged between 5 and 12 from Parabita Dojo, Sannicola Dojo,Collepasso Dojo, Melissano Dojo, and Tricase Dojo. At the End of the Event Shihan Casto greeted all Instructors present and all parents who have once again dedicated a Holiday Sunday day at this event organized by our Organization IKKO , in support of our commitment and passion in Kyokushinkai Karate….”

Best Regards

Shihan Casto Samuele

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