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8.Th Winter kumite camp Norway

29-31 of January Tromsø karate kyokushinkai held a kumite camp in the city of Tromsø.
About 50 students’ children and grown-ups attended this weekend. All together there were students from 3 different dojo this year.
As many times before Senpai Steffen Haukedalen was the main instructor. He gave good instructions with a focus on hitting point and the importance of choosing you’re technics according to the distance to your opponents. He also focused on the important of footwork.
We did many different practical exercises two and two and as usual there were also little stamina at the end of every class.
After training Saturday evening we had dinner together, food tasted good after a hard day of training.
Sunday we had tournament training, student could try fighting in tournament like situation with a fight leader and audients.
We believe a camp like this helps us to increase the interest for fighting and taking part in tournaments and this year there is So Kyokushin world tournament.
Next year we are ready again.
Thanks to everyone who attended this year.


Sensei Bjørn Willumsen

Photo by Kenneth Augdal