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“ On January 31, 2016 was held at the hall of Sannicola  The second Open Stage of Karate Kyokushinkkai which involved about sixty athletes from across the province; Matino Parabita Casarano, Sannicola, Collepasso, Taurisano, Melissano, including San Giorgio Jonico (Ta). The event was organized by Shihan Casto Samulele of So-Kyokushin Italy and was directed by Shihan Schirinzi Thomas -KWF Italy   and Shihan Fina Francesco – ShihKyokushin Italy-. Athletes were involved for about three hours in the execution of basic techniques, self-defense and fighting techniques, comparing the results obtained with the athletes present different Dojo. This event was organized by the organizer as a moment of growth in Karate Kyokushinkai and constructive debate among athletes as always they showed great interest in this particular style of Karate. Shihan Casto thanked all those present for their participation and in particular Shihan Shirinzi T and Shihan Francis F. collaboration in the success of the event. Osu !! “

Best Regards
Shihan Casto!