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22 November in Simeiz held a Cup of Crimea Kyokushin karate among children and youths
in competitions took part more than 150 athletes and Yalta ,Yevpatoria ,Simferopol, Sevastopol, Simeiz, Crimea, Alupka ,foros. Competitions are organized by the Crimean
Federation of Kyokushin Karate, the President and main judge of competitions Solodovnikov Dmitry 3 Dan Yalta . Even a temporary absence of light did not prevent us to conduct a long-awaited holiday karate. The Yalta team took first team place and Champions in different age and weight categories became : Golombowski Alexander, Vlad Volkov, Anastasia Seredova , Abilab lenara, Stasiuk Gleb Samsonov albert, Bakulina Alina,
Alexander Samsonov, Mikhail Nebrat, Blazhko Nora, Yurchenko Daniel, Chakarova Kira,Zhilin Bogdan Mikhailov Matthew, Fesenko Radion, Tkachev Savely, Kondratyeva Olga. Every competition for children is the acquisition of personal experience regardless of victory or defeat . It often happens that great results in life and sport be achieved by those who finds the strength to continue after the defeat, this is the manifestation of the character and inner strength.
I wanted to acknowledge and thank the parents ‘ Committee , the referees for their excellent refereeing, coaches Yalta Team Dmitry Solodovnikov , Sergey Knapsack, Director Silische village club Kulikov Olga for their help in conducting the tournament. OSU!