OSU! All European So-Kyokushin Representatives,

Dear So-Kyokushin friends, I hope you all are fine and in good spirit.

On behalf of IKO World So-Kyokushin Japan, it is my pleasure to invite to the first European So-Kyokushin conference and seminar,

held in Denmark Friday 3. of July to Sunday 5. of July 2015 and led by World Vice-President, Hanshi Daigo Oishi.

The Conference are held as a last part of the Danish Summer camp. The full Camp are from Wednesday 1. of July where you also are most welcome to take part.

This mail contains the first important info, but more information will follow very soon. (please see the attached file).

Yours in Kyokushin
Humberto G. Budtz
Denmark, IKO Adviser


DKO HP: www.dko-karate.dk
DKO FB: www.facebook.com/danskkarateorganisation
IKO HP: www.sokyokushin.com