A demonstration and seminar was held at S.M. Solanki School, Naswadi, Gujarat on 15th August 2014. Superintendent of Police, Dy. S.P., Game Minister, Collector, Dy. Collector, District Minister and more Govt Officers of Gujarat State attend this demonstration program as a Guest. Crowd was around 10000+.

Total 10 people was participate in this demonstration—
1. Sensei Jabir.N. Malek
2. Sensei Javed N. Malek
3. Sensei Munaf H. Memon
4. Sensei Tarikh A. Pathan and 7 Girls Karateka.

Organizer: Senpei Jabir N. Malek
Organized by: Gujarat Kyokushin Karate Association(GKKA)
Authorized by: All India Kyokushin Karate Association(AIKKA) & IKO World So-Kyokushin India

1 New dojo have open in this above day.
Dojo Details:
Narayan English Medium School
Address: Nor Heli pad , Opp. New Palace , Chota Udaipur.

Now we capture 334 karateka and 532 Girls Karateka in Gujarat state.

By.JABIR N. MALEK(1st Dan)

Sensei Bramha

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