Our Dan Test was hold at Payradanga Head Quarter Dojo.
All students’ have given a great performance and have shown a great endurance.

Kyu Test Information:-

  1. Dan test participants—

I) Vidhan Bramha Promoted to Sensei Grade: San-Dan(3rd Dan Black Belt)
II) Abhishek Kundu Promoted to Sensei grade: San-Dan(3rd Dan Black Belt)
III) Nilkamal Das Promoted to Senpei grade: Ni-Dan(2nd Dan Black Belt)

  1. Date- 09/02/2014
  2. Chief Examiner and Controller- Sensei Mahadeb Bramha(Branch Chief of India, President of AIKKA)
  3. Examiner- Senpei Paresh Biswas(Chief Instructor, Treasurer of AIKKA)

Grading Place- Payradanga Head Quarter Dojo, India