A large team taken to Belgium to try their fighting skills.

All fighters did well at the tournament Beker Der Kempen 2013, which was held 4 May and everyone got inspiration and experience in the home, which was the main purpose for most people.

However some reached the very top of their category.

Senpai Sean Coogan, 1 DAN
fought all the way to the final, but unfortunately had beaten by a strong Dutch giants.

Alexander Nikolajsen 1 KYU
defended him his first place from last year.

Kathrine Bohman, 4 KYU
fought bravely and won its category.

Emil Warming, 3 KYU and Johanne Langager, 6 KYU
both of which were debutants, showed great determination and was placed as No. 3 in their respective categories.

Susan Barker, 4 KYU
won the coveted Fighter trophy for juniors.

A HUGE congratulations to all and an equally big thank you to everyone who supported the fighters, referees, coaches and helpers. Also a big thank you to the co-ordinator Mette Greve and our tournament doctor Senpai Sandra Pedersen.

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